Reports and publications

This is a list of my recent reports and publications. Scroll down for some examples of briefs and blogs, as well as peer-reviewed articles, books and theses.

I like to report using concise and accessible formats whenever possible. There’s no point writing a long and eloquent report that no-one has the time to read! I write reports that are easy to read and digest, with clear recommendations for my clients so that the findings are more likely to have real impact. I often produce short briefs or summaries, three or four pages at most, with information carefully tailored to the needs and preferences of particular audiences.

Research and evaluation reports

Hansford, F. (2018). Review of evidence on research capacity strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa for Wellcome Trust and DFID.

Hansford, F., Hood, E., and Prentice, C. (2018). Rose Hill Primary School Healthy Eating Consultation: “I can get 6 cakes for 20p, or 6 apples for £1.69”.

Hansford, F. (2018). “What you see is not what you get”. Equipping young people to understand food advertising. Project Evaluation for Cordwainers Grow.

Hansford F., Elte, G., King, J., and OPM TA core team (2018). OPM Technical Assistance (Support to Lebanon RACE II) Value for Money Assessment #1. Oxford Policy Management, UK.

Hansford, F., King, J., and EDOREN management team (2018). EDOREN Value for Money Final Assessment. Oxford Policy Management, UK

Hansford, F. (2017). “Where the lies are”. Equipping young people to understand food advertising. Project Evaluation for Cordwainers Grow.

Hansford, F., Visram, A., Jones, E., Ward, P. (2017). ‘Integrated Evaluation Report of the WINNN Programme: Operations Research and Impact Evaluation’, Oxford Policy Management, Oxford, UK.

Hansford, F. (2016). Gender bias in intra-household resource allocation: who wins and loses, who decides, and how can public action help? A review of evidence across the minority and majority worlds. For UN Women 2017-2018 flagship report State of the World’s Women.

Hansford, F., and King, J. (2016). MUVA Formative Evaluation. November 2016.

Hansford, F., Taela, K., Selvester, K., Rocha, S., Jaime U., Mabyeka, K. (2016). “Aspirações, percepções e experiências de trabalho de meninas adolescentes e mulheres jovens” (Aspirations, perceptions and experiences of work among adolescent girls and young women). MUVA Mozambique.

Hansford F., and Friedman, R. (2015). Food poverty in Oxford: A qualitative study in Barton and Rose Hill. Study for Good Food Oxford.

Hansford F. (2015). ORIE Nigeria Gender Synthesis Report. Gender-related findings across ORIE studies (Year Three).

Hansford F., and Olufolakemi A. (2013). Gender briefing: Gender inequality and maternal and child nutrition in Northern Nigeria (ORIE Nigeria).

Arora, S., Hansford, F., Attah, R., and Williams, R. (2012). Assessment of the Ubudehe Credit Scheme, Rwanda. OPM.

OPM. (2012). Brazil Country Case Study. An Analysis of Mining’s Contribution in Brazil Utilizing the ICMM Mining: Partnerships for Development Toolkit.

Hansford. F. (2009). Justicia de género en medios de vida sustentables: Revisión bibliográfica (Gender justice and sustainable livelihoods: literature review and analytical framework). Oxfam GB.

Hansford, F. (2008). Case studies in climate change adaptation for the European Commission’s ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: supporting European climate policy) project. Stockholm Environment Institute, UK.

Hansford, F. (2007). W.K.Kellogg Foundation in Latin America and the Caribbean 1986-2006. Major programme accomplishments and impacts. São Paulo.

Hansford, F. (2005). Tracing the soy trade: Brazil to Europe. Greenpeace, Amsterdam.

Kellogg Foundation (2005). Improving food and nutritional security in Latin America and the Caribbean: a Kellogg Foundation programming initiative. Kellogg Foundation, Brazil.

Briefs and blogs

Hansford, F. (2016). Brazil nutrition policies have wide application. Oxford Analytica policy brief.

Hansford, F. (2016). Bridging the gap: integrating nutrition into gender programmes in Northern Nigeria. HEART:

Garbarino, S., and Hansford, F. (2016). Young mums sidelined over child nutrition. SciDevNet:

Hansford, F. (2015). Greater autonomy for women will improve child health and nutrition in Northern Nigeria. ORIE infographic.

Garbarino, S., and Hansford, F. (2013). Promoting women’s empowerment for better health outcomes for women and children. WHO/PMNCH Policy Briefs.

Hansford, F. (2008). Brazil: Conflicting nutrition issues challenge policy. Oxford Analytica policy brief.

Hansford, F. (2008). Brazil: Poverty program sees progress five years on. Oxford Analytica policy brief.

Hansford, F. (2006). Avaliar é fundamental. Entrevista (Evaluation is fundamental. Interview). In Ten Sustainability Challenges. Social Technology for the Brazilian Media. São Paulo: Editora Cortez.

Peer-reviewed academic articles

Hansford, F., and Thompson, A. (2011). International programming, local development and youth: An experience in Northeast Brazil. Foundation Review Vol 2 Issue 4: International Grantmaking.

Hansford, F. (2010). The nutrition transition: A gender perspective with reference to Brazil. Gender and Development (Food) 18(3), pp.439-452.

Hansford, F., Santana, V.A.L., Reinoso, G.H. (2007). From participatory systematisation to a regional network for policy change. In Participatory Learning and Action, Volume 56, Number 1, June 2007, pp. 33-40.

Hansford, F., Llanos, M. (2007). Reflective action-learning: building capacity in systematisation methodologies. Tips for trainers. In Participatory Learning and Action, Volume 56, Number 1, June 2007, pp. 56-57(2).

Books and theses

Kellogg Foundation (2018, forthcoming). Kellogg Foundation in Latin America and Caribbean 1986-2010: Programme and Policy Lessons (provisional title). Co-authored with Francisco B Tancredi.

Hansford. F. (2010). Bias and discrimination in intra-household food allocation: Case study of a rural labour population in Northeast Brazil. DPhil thesis, University of Oxford.